If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.
— Yogi Berra

Landscapes are born out of a desire to change, a need of functionality, or the want to compliment a new home/business. Whatever the origin, the outcome will be bettered by a professional design. Landscaping without a plan can easily result in unnecessary labor, extra materials, excessive water usage, dead plants, and drainage issues. Besides ensuring maximum cost savings in the ultimate product, a landscape plan can also be a motivational tool for those who want to improve their outdoor space, but are not sure how or where to start. Let Gardenwerks give your creativity direction with a professionally designed landscape plan.


Understanding the Design Process


The first step is a site visit and general consultation regarding needs, issues, ideas, options and approximate costs for what the client wants. These visits are billed at $75 an hour and generally take an hour or less. Depending on the time of year, consultations will be scheduled anywhere between 1-6 weeks from the time of inquiry.

From there, the client has the option to decide whether to do a full design process. After a consultation, the designer can estimate the hours and timeline for the project and draft a proposal for services and deliverables. Depending on the level of detail desired and the size of the site, the design process generally takes about 6-8 hours, billed at $75 an hour. A simple contract may be put in place at this time. Delivery time frames for design projects can vary widely, depending on workload and time of year. (Example: mid-season inquiries could expect to wait 6 months for design delivery.)

If needed, a second site visit will be scheduled to take measurements and gather any additional information needed. 

The design process generally begins with a site analysis, followed by a conceptual design supported by sketches and examples. After meeting with the client a second concept iteration may be created, in addition to a detailed design plan, an estimate, materials detailing, and development of a planting concept and/or a detailed planting plan with plant schedule.


At the end of the process, you receive finished design plans in printed and digital formats along with a final estimate for installation of the plan by Gardenwerks. Estimates are free of charge once a design is in place. Design services are billed when a plan is substantially complete and the estimate is delivered. Often, updates to a design plan are made based on budgets, cost estimates and phasing. If substantial plan updates are required, additional hours may be billed. 

If you decide to move forward with installation by Gardenwerks, 50% of design costs will be credited on your final invoice. We would then begin working with you to finalize the scope of work and schedule installation of your project.

To maximize our landscape design services, we encourage you to contact us early in the planning stages of a newly constructed home. The landscape plan is best developed simultaneously with the building plans and allows for a seamless transition from the house construction to the installation of the landscape.


Getting Started

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